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    Used Amusement Park Equipment: How Much Should I Expect To Pay?
    When it comes to Used Amusement Park Equipment shopping around is your best bet.

    1. Transport Equipment
    2. Food Preparation/Sale Related Equipment
    3. Display Equipment

    With financial times being so hard on everybody no one is buying anything "brand-spankin' new" these days. When it comes to used amusement park equipment shopping around is your best bet.

    What should you expect to pay for different kinds of used amusement park equipment? Firstly, it depends on the equipment itself. Obviously, a boom truck will cost you more than a soda machine. Secondly, the brand and year of the equipment must be taken into consideration. Older equipment manufactured by some unknown company will cost less than newer equipment which has been manufactured by a recognized company. Shipping is another factor that must be taken into consideration. If the piece of used amusement park equipment you were searching for happens to be out of the USA, then you must consider maritime shipping expenses.

    Transport Equipment

    Trailers, trucks and boom trucks fall in the transport category of used amusement center equipment. A factor which affects the price of trailers and trucks, aside from the year and model, is the size. Another factor which influences the pricing of this used amusement park equipment will be whether it has been refurbished and when. Normally, older trucks which have been recently refurbished may cost you anywhere between $30 to $40 thousand dollars. For an older tractor with a generator expect to pay as low as $15 thousand dollars. Your basic transport trailer, depending on the age, size and condition, may cost you as low as $2 thousand.

    Food Preparation/Sale Related Equipment

    The pricing on this type of used amusement equipment will depend on the complexity and number of functions, and model. Naturally, newer models will cost more than older ones and, a multi-purpose one such as a piece of equipment which will bake and fry will cost you more than a simple hot dog machine. For example, a Quik n' Crispy machine (bakes, fries and grills using only hot air) with 208V/240V, EC Model will cost you approximately $3 thousand (before taxes) while the GE5 Model of same voltage will cost you approximately $6 thousand, before taxes.

    Display Equipment

    Equipment in this category not only includes displays of retail goods but, also self-serve foodstuff. Used amusement park equipment of this nature may be bought directly from the seller but, also from brokers who at times also sell an assortment of equipment in bulk. Brokers also have numerous connections in the industry and may also assist you in finding a better deal than the one you found on your own. It is recommended that you check them out also to see if you can obtain a better deal.

    Expect to pay approximately $90 (before taxes) for used wall shelving measuring 4 feet in length. Because used amusement park equipment dealing with foodstuffs involves refrigeration expect to pay anywhere from $1 to $2 thousand dollars.

    Whether you are considering purchasing a trailer or a fryer first ensure that you check out its availability as used amusement park equipment either through a broker or directly from the seller. You will be saving yourself a substantial amount of money!


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